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Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers are extremely valuable to us at Fairhaven. We welcome you to join the hundreds of volunteers who already serve our residents and our community. 

  • Assist at special events
  • Paint nails
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Sing or assist with sing-a-longs
  • Be a one on one “Friendly Visitor”
  • Serve through the cafe
  • Serve as a Transport Escort
  • Help residents with computers
  • Help facilitate small groups
  • Help with bingo
  • Help with cooking projects
  • Help with arts and crafts
  • Serve at socials and birthday parties
  • Bring your child to visit residents
  • Certified pet therapy visits
  • Assist with prep work
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Give Financially

Few people, when planning for retirement, anticipate residing in a retirement community for 10, 20 or even 30 years. However this is the case with many of our current residents, who despite a lifetime of frugality, have simply outlived their resources and can no longer pay for their own needs. When these residents are in the Health Care Center, Medicaid will help pay for only some of their expenses. The balance of the cost is absorbed by Fairhaven. As God provides for us all, we are committed to caring for our residents at Fairhaven. And, we are thankful for our ministry partners who help us support those in need through their generosity. In addition to benevolent giving, here are other opportunities for financial stewardship to Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center:

Charitable Gifts

Fairhaven appreciates all charitable gifts, which allow us to expand services and enrich the lives of our 400 residents. This could also be in the form of service or appropriate property donations. Tributes honoring loved ones are another excellent method of helping Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center.

Memorial and Estate Gifts

We are blessed by the wonderful residents who plan for Fairhaven in their wills, and by families who appreciate the care we have given a loved one. It is fairly common that residents and their families have named us as benefactors of memorial and estate gifts.

Give-A-Gift and Special Appeals

Once a year, we assign a special need as a Gift-A-Gift appeal. These appeals are for upgrades to our facilities and equipment or to purchase a large item not currently in our budget. On occasion, we may also make a special appeal for a specific capital improvement. As an affiliate of the Great Lakes District of the Evangelical Free Church of America, Fairhaven is a 501c3 organization and ALL gifts are tax deductible.