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Fairhaven Covid-19 Update August 14, 2020

CONFIDENTIAL. Please do not forward this link or the password other than to family members.

Fairhaven COVID-19 Weekly Update #13:  August 14, 2020

To Our Fairhaven Residents, POAs and Family Members:                           

This notice is to update you to our current situation related to COVID-19.

  • We currently have one staff member that is still in the process of testing negative two times per our protocol.
  • We have not had any additional resident cases – we continue to Praise the Lord!!

Under the guidance of WCHD, IDPH and CMS, we are continuing the testing process as follows:

  • We continue to test employees weekly until we have gone 28 days without a positive case. Staff will be tested this coming week.
  • All Supportive Care and Independent residents were tested last week with all negative results. 2nd and 3rd floor health center residents were tested this week and all results are pending.  Supportive Care and Independent residents will be tested again next week pursuant to our protocol.

Under the guidance of WCHD, IDPH, and CMS, we are continuing the screening process as follows:

  • We continue to screen health center and supportive care residents each shift and they are limited to their room, where possible, so that exposure to other residents and staff is as minimal as possible.
  • We continue to screen staff members and take their temperatures at the start of each shift as well as taking a mid-shift temperature.
  • Visits in the building are still restricted.
  • Face shields are required to be worn by staff in addition to their masks while providing direct resident care or having close resident contact.
  • We have handwashing stations, hand sanitizer and shoe disinfectors that staff members walk in to clean their shoes when reporting to work.
  • We have added an Ultra Violet (UV) Portal at the entrance. Each one who enters will rotate through the portal killing many germs, including COVID-19. This equipment is becoming popular across the nation in helping keep residents and staff as safe as possible.
  • We are also requiring Independent residents to wear masks, if not medically contra-indicated, when they are out of their rooms, unless they can keep the six-foot distancing.
  • We continue to remain in contact with the Winnebago County Health Dept. (WCHD), Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

OUTDOOR VISITS (for supportive care and health center residents)

  • Thank you for those that initiated the pre-screen within 24 hours this past week. We really need everyone to please help us with this.  It is regulatory that we do this in order to keep you and us safe.  If we have someone at risk who comes to visit, our screener is exposed as well as any other visitors who may be here at the same time as this person.  The pre-screen assists in identifying someone at risk of an infectious virus/condition.  This must be done within 24 hours before your visit with your loved one. By you initiating the call it makes it more convenient for you and alleviates our staff trying multiple times to reach you, or having the wrong phone number and needing to track it down.
  • Please, we cannot emphasis enough how important and helpful this would be. This process is very labor intensive and we could use your help. We are very glad to do these visits so that you can connect with your loved one.

Also, please pass this on to other family members who you know will be part of these visits. Call Ashley (x1300) or Nancy (x1301) between the hours of 8:00-4:30 Monday to Friday to communicate the prescreening. Fairhaven’s number is 815-877-1441. Thank you!!

  • Please go straight to the gazebo for screening before the visit with your loved one under the tent.
  • Please do not handle phones back and forth without gloves or a baggie. We can provide those for you if needed.
  • If you are unable to be at your scheduled appointment visit, please let us know as soon as possible. If you substitute a family member, please keep in mind this person needs to receive a pre-screen phone call within 24 hours prior to the visit.  This could jeopardize your visit, if not done.
  • If you develop any signs/symptoms consistent with COVID-19 within three (3) days of visiting, you must contact the main office at Fairhaven.
  • We have received Interim Guidance for Nursing Homes and Other Long-Term Care Facilities and Programs: Phased Reopening.  We are currently deciphering this 14-page document and will have more information to share next Friday.
  • We will be initiating Outdoor visits on some Saturdays. Please contact Katie Martin or Mary Brouer at (815) 877-1441 ext. 1170 for Katie or ext. 1416 for Mary if you are interested in visiting on Saturdays.   We will accommodate you as best as we can.

We are providing this information to Residents and POAs.  This information can also be found in the protected site of our website updates (at least weekly) at The password is: fcrccovid2020. Please pass this link and password on to family members to stay updated.                 

We do appreciate all of your prayers and support during this time and please let us know if we can help or if you have any questions.

Blessings to all of you,

Fairhaven Administration